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Upala Upala Agrícola

Discover Upala Agrícola, fresh pineapple from Costa Rica and that will be present as a Partner in the new edition of Volcano UltraMarathon of April 2020.

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In Upala Agrícola, we understand that pineapple is a product for which Costa Rica stands out as a protagonist and that it constitutes a vital sector for the Costa Rican economy. For these reasons, we take care of taking pineapple exports to levels of excellence, with environmental harmony and corporate social responsibility.

Upala Agrícola is an agribusiness company located in the northern part of the country, in the canton of Upala, Alajuela. Our crops have an extension that exceeds 2,000 hectares dedicated to the production and export of fresh pineapple.

“The production and export of fresh pineapple to the most important and demanding international markets, demonstrates our commitment to excellence in each of the daily tasks. For this reason, the development of our activity is carried out taking into account the protection of the environment , support for neighboring communities and attention to the highest standards of quality and safety, principles that are part of the socio-environmental and quality policies of the company. “

From the Volcano UltraMarathon organization we are looking for companies like Upala Agrícola. A company that works to promote development, strengthen the well-being of human resources, provide quality products, expand investment in the communities where they have a presence and favor the defense of the environment. All of this is part of our Volcano Green philosophy, where we generate alliances that are represented in the community as a whole.

All the Volcano runners in their different versions can enjoy its incredible delicacy and learn more about this great company that not only bets on a quality product, but also for promoting sports.

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