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130 Virgin Peanut Butter

130 goes beyond being a healthy and delicious peanut butter. His philosophy encompasses the determination, discipline and effort that is required to be an athlete. The fuel of runners, cyclists and swimmers; of surfers and waterfall explorers; from amateur weightlifters to Crossfit professionals.

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In Volcano we look for companies that feel our values and philosophy. It is these same companies that have responsible, traditional and honest uses in their DNA. 130 is one of those companies, which not only clearly communicates what the customer is consuming with natural ingredients, they also do it to contribute in respect for the natural environment.

Its ingredients: Peanuts, sea salt, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, vanilla and honey.

All Volcano runners in their different versions can enjoy this incredible peanut butter, natural ingredients and beneficial for athletes.

130 is about getting up every morning with the slogan of what we are going to conquer today; to compete to win, but to win ourselves, to the person we were yesterday, because today we become someone better.

Our brand seeks adventure in the mountains, in the sea, rivers, plains and national parks. An adventure that is shared with friends like a jar of peanut butter that everyone eats and that is taken back home to recycle, leaving the cleanest place we found it.

We believe in doing things with excellence and perseverance so that our clients can conquer their challenges with the same dedication and success.

We believe in honesty and practice it by telling our customers exactly what they are consuming. We are committed to the promise of not using any artificial or harmful ingredients such as refined sugar. We take on the challenge of making the healthy taste better than the artificial.

We believe in the kitchen of our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors. In the creativity with which you can play in the kitchen. In the security that gives the confidence of knowing that a product with our seal will never have a harmful additive for health, poor quality ingredients or materials that pollute the environment to lower costs.

We believe that we can all exist in harmony; Companies, people and our planet. The environment and our health should not be put at risk to improve the benefits of corporations.

We exist to carry out a simple social function. Create for all healthy and pleasant foods in perfect harmony.

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