2020 Volcano UltraMarathon Postponement

2020 Volcano UltraMarathon Postponement

Dear competitors:


Due to the unfolding of the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the administrative measures published by the Costa Rican Health Ministry, on August 1, 2020, according to which no activity may be slated until after January 2021, specifying: “Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 7 of Decree 42221-S, no activity may be rescheduled for before January 2021”, the organization of massive events being prohibited, we are forced, firstly, to postpone all the versions of the 2020 edition until March 2021; and, secondly, observe the measures established by the Costa Rican Health Ministry.


Throughout this difficult time we have been in close contact with the pertinent Costa Rican bodies, companies and organizations, and the Embassy, with the constant aim of being able to hold a safe event meeting the expectations that characterize our organization. Therefore, as we have indicated, in the face of this situation we did not hesitate to make this decision, as we are clear on the fact that the top priority at this point is to fight this pandemic and overcome it as soon as possible.


We understand that the cancellation of this edition may come as a great disappointment for you, as we know that you have made a great effort, trained hard, and were all very excited about completing the event. Unfortunately, however, this year it is impossible, as the most logical course of action is to respect each and every one of the measures and decisions adopted by the Costa Rican Health Ministry, realizing that they are for the well-being of all. Thus, as the VUM’s organizers we do not question sound decisions made for the common good of residents and of the event’s athletes.


Therefore, we hereby inform you that, as of the date of this announcement, the aforementioned edition is POSTPONED until 2021, with the dates being set as follows:


  • ULTRA version: From March 26 to April 5, 2021
  • 100-MILE Version: From March 30 to April 5, 2021
  • TRAIL version: April 1, 2021


For ULTRA Version runners, registrees may:

  1. Keep their registrations, for the same version and under the same conditions, and use them in 2021.
  2. Transfer their registration to the ICELAND ULTRA version. If selecting this option, the runner must pay the difference between his first registration fee and that established for the ICELAND ULTRA version.


Runners in the 100 MILES and TRAIL Versions may:

  1. Keep their registrations, for the same versions and under the same conditions, and use them in 2021. Due to the postponement, these versions are fully booked for the 2021 edition. No refunds will be possible on said registrations, as the organizers have already incurred expenses corresponding to the second date. Our complete transparency and commitment to the companies working for proper organization led to us commit to paying all the expenses in advance, as this was a short event.
  2. Cede their slots to other runners. A registered runner may assign their slot (this option will appear in the Runner’s Area of the registration page).


Be aware that this situation affects us all, but, if we have experience in anything, it is in dealing with endless stages calling for great physical and mental toughness; challenges in which tough times are what really make us stronger, and we know that this setback will be no different. We will see each other in a few months to hold this edition, a very special one for everyone; not only for Volcano, but for all the companies, staff, athletes and other organizations making it possible for us to be ready to go in 2021.


You can view the entire statement at: www.volcanoultramarathon.com/


Thank you for understanding!

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Runners form

Exclusive form for runners registered in any of the competition modalities. We appreciate your understanding.