Volcano Iceland Postponed Due to Expanded Quarantine

Dear runners: As the organizers of the Volcano Ultra Marathon Extreme Races, we have striven until the last minute to guarantee the holding of the Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland 2021, but the Icelandic Government recently made the following announcements:


ICELAND extends by 15 days its quarantine restrictions for unvaccinated travelers, with a PCR required on arrival.



  • Quarantining of personnel that has not been vaccinated or does not have antibodies.
  • PCR upon arrival and 5 days later.
  • The border is being opened for tourism to travelers inside and outside the Schengen zone, with NO QUARANTINE only for those travelers that have been VACCINATED or HAVE ANTIBODIES.
  • “Yellow” vaccination card essential
  • It is adopting its own national classification of risk areas, such that travel restrictions for Iceland are not based on the common EU traffic lights map.


At this time all the world’s countries and territories are classified as risk areas, enforcing mandatory quarantines for those who are NOT VACCINATED.


All travelers must present a negative PCR test prior to departure.

The test must have been performed within 72 hours of the departure. Additionally, all passengers arriving in Iceland must undergo two additional PCR tests: one upon arrival, and another 5 to 6 days later. Those who test negative on the second PCR are no longer required to observe special precautions.


Given the difficulty of runners and STAFF extending their stays, and the movement difficulties entailed by the second, confirmatory PCR test, we have been forced to slightly postpone the event. Our priority, for the safety of all our runners, must be compliance with all the Covid-19 control measures.


This new information released by Iceland’s public bodies has required us to postpone the 1st edition of the Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland.

The new dates will be September 10-19, 2021. The choice of these dates is not arbitrary, and is owing to the improvement in case figures worldwide and a relaxation in the requirements in Iceland. Thus, these are dates when we trust that this problem will be under control, and we can return to normality.


We understand the problems that we are going to cause all the runners, but we must put safety and compliance with the laws of the country first. Going forward, as the organizers we will be working on answering all the runners’ questions and helping them make it, as far as possible, on these new dates.


We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you at the volcanoes soon.


The Volcano Ultra Marathon Extreme Races Organizers