Start at 19 p.m. on Friday, September 30. With an elevation gain of +2660 m and a height of 543 m in semi-self-sufficiency format and a time limit of 27 hours.


Jimbee Volcano UltraMaraton ULTRA is a mountain race of 112 kilometers through trails and roads from Cabo de Palos, Cartagena, west zone of the municipality and back to Cartagena.

Jimbee Volcano UltraMaraton ULTRA will start at 19 pm on Friday, September 30, in a unique environment, next to two seas, starting from the fishing village and coastal town of Cartagena, Cabo de Palos. Its lighthouse, dating back to 1862, will guide the runners in the beginning of the route. The paths PR, coastal and inland branches of the great GR92, will be the paths that will lead these brave runners to cross much of the municipality of Cartagena at night: beaches, salt lakes, pine forests, cliffs, coastal batteries, and mining sites will be the major milestones that runners must cross on their way to the finish line.


UbicaciónT. corteKmDistancia entre puntosAltitudDesnivel acum. +Desnivel acum. -
StartCabo de Palos19:00001500
Avituallamiento 1Fuente12,612,693180109
Avituallamiento 2Portman23:0023,711,24225235
Avituallamiento 3La Miguelota31,9837391364
Avituallamiento 4Calvario429,3198851665
Avituallamiento 5 / PV 1Palacio5:0055,413,41411201120
Avituallamiento 6Residencia6812,217314231264
Control de PasoTallante76,78,832817231407
Punto AguaFuente80,84,211717231618
Avituallamiento 7Isla Plana83,72,93217231702
Avituallamiento 8 / PV 2Campillo14:0092,28,110318241733
Avituallamiento 9Portus18:00103,411,45824552411
MetaCartagena22:00 (+1)1128,51425242520


    • Call CECOR +34 613 02 83 41
    • If you can’t make contact, call the emergency phone number 112
    • Call the 112 emergency phone number
    • If you can’t make contact, alert a member of the organization or another runner.

Make sure you register the emergency numbers on your cell phone!

There will be several help and control points along the course. These points are communicated by radio or telephone with the Race Control Center (CECOR), where there will be a medical team throughout the race. The CECOR contact number (+34 613 02 83 41) will be printed on the race bib. The help points are intended to provide assistance to any person with the organization’s own or public means.

It is the responsibility of the runner in difficulty to ask for help:

  • Going to the help point.
  • Calling the Race Control Center (CECOR).
  • By asking another runner to ask for help.

Every runner must assist any person in difficulty and ask for help. In addition, he/she should stay with the runner in need until the arrival of the organization’s staff.

Do not forget the difficulties of all kinds, linked to the environment and the race, which can make you wait longer than expected for help. Safety will then depend on the quality of the equipment carried in the backpack.

Special section for modifications or partial changes of the route due to protocols or indications of the competent authorities pre-event.


In case of impossibility of holding the event due to causes related to the current health emergency derived from COVID19, the organization will propose a new date for the event. The registration fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation due to COVID19 (except for registrations with cancellation insurance).

All modifications will be informed through our website and social networks, as they affect aspects such as schedules, start times, aid stations, finish line, prizes, etc.


Without prior notice and for major causes, the Organization reserves the right to modify the route and the cut-off times PRE-EVENT, advised or required by third parties or the Organization itself. This modification will always affect the minimum percentages of the race required for reasons of force majeure and always in accordance with the indications of the environmental and safety authorities. Within a period of 7 days, the organization shall inform all those affected of said modification by the means established for this purpose.


If the race should be interrupted and suspended at a point along the route, the classification shall be determined according to the order and time of arrival at the point of interruption or, failing that, at the last control carried out. In case of cancellation for safety reasons or in case of interruption of the race after the start, no refunds will be made.





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