The city of Cartagena is located between five small hills called: Monte de la Concepción, Cerro del Molinete, Monte de San José, Monte Sacro and Cerro de Despeñaperros.

It is a port city open to the Mediterranean Sea through a wide bay. The port of Cartagena currently has two docks. On the one hand, Escombreras, where different industries are located, and on the other hand, the city itself. Between these two docks is the closest of our beaches, Cala Cortina, which is surrounded by all the necessary facilities.

The natural port of Cartagena is delimited by the island of Escombreras (to the east) and the hill of La Torrosa (to the west). Its access is guarded by a series of castles and coastal batteries built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Cartagena is a city more than 2,500 years old where you can do everything. You will certainly enjoy its good weather, gastronomy and kind people.


Adress: Street San Miguel, 8 (30201, Cartagena)
Phone number: (+34) 968 12 89 55


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