Incorporated to sports in 2012, Andres put our flag on the 7 continents of the planet in the discipline of adventure racing and ultra resistance, was born on August 16, 1979 in the town of Los Urrutias, Cartagena.

In 2014, thanks to its current sponsor Jimbofresh, a company from Campo de Cartagena, participated in the 4Deserts. 4 tests throughout the year of 250 km each for one of four of the most inhospitable deserts of the planet. Sahara, Gobi, Antarctica and Atacama. In total 1000 km. Only 33 athletes worldwide have managed to finish all four deserts in the same year. Andrés is one of them.



Ivannia Fonseca, a 38-year-old Ticaa broker. Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Physical Education. With 20 years of experience in adventure sports, another of his passions is cross country ultra marathons and mountain biking. One of its successes was the eighth place in the World Adventure Championship, which was held in Costa Rica in 2013. Extensive MTB experience with numerous podiums, along with the ultramarathon in stages, highlighting participation in the Coastal Challenge.



Costa Rican ultra marathoner 40 years old, professional endodontist and runner since 1999. In 2010 he ventured into the ultra distance and since then he has participated in 5 ultra-strength tests in stages and more than 20 ultra-marathons, including Marathon des Sables, TransGrancanaria 360 ° and The Coastal Challenge among others. One of the most active ultramarathon Costa Rican runners