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Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Costa Rica

A 250 km race that is divided into 6 stages of jungle, forests, volcanoes and rivers. Each runner must endure long periods of heat, humidity and solitude only accompanied by the natural and animal diversity that Costa Rica offers. You will be responsible for carrying all of your equipment, including food, safety equipment, and a minimum of 2.5 liters of water that can be refilled at checkpoints throughout the stages.

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland

It crosses fields of lava and moss, black sand beaches and feeling its pure and imposing nature of Iceland. With an average temperature of 10º, the runners will discover the “midnight sun”, which means that the days come to have between 20-22h of light.

The picturesque southern coast of Iceland is one of the most popular regions among those who visit the country. Not surprisingly, it houses some of the most appreciated natural attractions on the island and that runners will be able to discover on a unique and exclusive itinerary.

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Turkey

September 2-10, Turkey.
In the Aladaglar National Park, between the Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions. The Ala Dagh or Antitaurus Mountains are a mountain range in southern Turkey, the highest of the Taurus Mountains that curve northeast from the central core of the Taurus Mountains.

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Peru

The coastal desert of Peru. Nazca Desert and Ica Dunes, the first considered one of the driest and most arid areas on the planet, maintains an average temperature of 25 degrees. 260km of sand and sun through the areas of Laguna de Huacachina, San Fernando Reserve, Nazca Lines Reserve.