Jimbee Volcano Series

Volcano UltraMarathon Extreme Races has become a series of extreme races around the world. Living the Volcano UltraMarathon experience, you will discover 250 kilometers where you will enter jungles, volcanoes or icy beaches, unspoilt nature and imposing active volcanoes.

Volcano UltraMarathon, through Volcano Extreme Races, is born with a clear philosophy, to help discover the inner self of the athletes. To show unique natural environments, protect the planet, raise awareness of sustainability and help economically to those communities that live in the most inaccessible areas of our routes, they are the real needy of our events.

Our athletes share the same philosophy, work to run for commitment, perseverance, with a spirit of self-improvement and courage for great personal feats, that’s why we put in your hands the Fleur-de-Lis Continental Route Challenge.

The challenge

The Fleur-de-Lis Continental Route is an international challenge that brings together the ultra-endurance events organized by Volcano Extreme Race in different locations around the world. The Fleur-de-Lis Continental Route values commitment, perseverance, the spirit of self-improvement and the value of great personal feats. A value beyond competition, participants will have the opportunity to discover the world and unique adventures while sharing exceptional moments.

Runners who complete the challenge are not only recognized by all for completing this great feat, they also wear a unique bib that accredits them in each race and at the end of the event they are awarded with a unique trophy.

Steween Villenave

Volcano Series Experiences

Discover runners who have participated in the Volcano Series

Herve Seurin

Marta Guerrero

Eugenia Gil

A race with a brutal demand and the human team that is part of it. They make it a very friendly race and it gives me a lot of security.

Marta GuerreroSpain

Volcano is a very tough race, where we see spectacular landscapes. Volcano is a goal of life which brings out the best in each runner.

Daurisme VerdejaDominican Republic

I had heard about Volcano through social networks and I was attracted by its quality, its difficulty but above all the quality of its organization.

Herve SeurinFrance

I was a finalist first in Costa Rica, so I decided to also participate in Iceland and thus become one of the first runners in France to complete both races in the same year.

Steween VillenaveFrance