JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON is a sporting event organized by VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, and KUMUKA TRAIL CLUB, both set up in accordance with the Spanish legislation.


  • CIF B30925796
  • SIC Code 7941 (Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters)
  • Member of ITRA (International Trail Running Association)


JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON is a long distance trail race with a maximum distance of 112 km. Along with the ULTRA version, RELAY, TRAIL, MARATHON and PROMO versions will be held.


  • ULTRA version runs on a single route for a total distance of 112.4 km, from the starting point at the esplanade near the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (Port Authority of Cartagena) to the finish line at the esplanade of the Port of Cartagena (Port Authority of Cartagena).
  • RELAY version shares distance, route and timing with the ULTRA version, but in a relay modality in teams of 2 athletes.
  • MARATHON version shares the same route as the ULTRA during its initial 66.8 km, from the starting point to the finish line.
  • TRAIL version runs for 34 km, through urban areas and hills near the city of Cartagena, with the same starting and finishing point.
  • PROMO version runs for 10 km, through urban areas and hills near the city of Cartagena, also with the same starting and finishing point.

All the regulations established for JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON CARTAGENA are hereinafter applicable to all the participants of ULTRA, RELAY, MARATHON, TRAIL and PROMO versions.


JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON will be held from September 30 to October 2 in the municipalities of Cartagena and La Union, with the following program:


  • DAY 30 – Start ULTRA version.
  • DAY 1 – Start of the MARATHON version.
  • DAY 2 – Start TRAIL and PROMO versions.


  • Start: 19:00 September 30, 2022
  • Finish: 22:00 October 1, 2022


  • Start: 07:00 October 1, 2022
  • Finish: 22:00 October 1, 2022


  • Start: 08:00 October 2, 2022
  • Finish: 18:00 October 2, 2022


  • Start: 09:00 October 2, 2022
  • Finish: 14:00 October 2, 2022

See the checkpoints time limits on the page corresponding to each version.

3.1- Program modifications

JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON reserves the right to modify the rules and conditions of the event, it may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the Organization, as well as any data, rule or section for an optimal performance of the race. The fact of registering shows the participant’s conformity with these rules and regulations.

The present regulations will be conditioned to the Covid-19 measures present in the Covid-19 protocol of the VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON 2022. In case of confusion in any section, the Covid-19 measures will prevail.


The world of extreme races brings together people who not only practice a sporting activity, but also believe and respect important values ​​that constitute the ethics of sport.

Respect for People

  • Respect themselves: no trickery, neither before nor during the race.
  • Respect other runners: help another runner in trouble.
  • Respect the volunteers: they also participate for pleasure.

Respect for Nature

  • Respect the fauna and flora.
  • Not throwing any waste. Please be careful with your mask, if you are not wearing it do not throw it on the floor, and if it falls off, always pick it up.
  • Follow the marked routes, without taking shortcuts, to avoid soil erosion.

Team spirit

  • Everyone, participants or volunteers, supports and does what is necessary to offer help in any situation.
  • Supporting a humanitarian purpose invites you to play down your own suffering.

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS POINT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION OF THE RUNNER, who may be disqualified by a simple testimony of any member of the race’s Organization Team.

The Organization will not cut the road traffic (except specific sections), and participants will respect the road rules at all times.

Participants will be responsible for any damage caused as a result of this type of behavior.


VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON is open to any person over 18 years of age, for ULTRA, MARATHON and TRAIL versions, of any nationality who accepts the rules and conditions of the race.

Minors applying to participate in any of the ULTRA, MARATHON and TRAIL events must submit parental consent, previous experience in similar events and be federated in any of the federations with authority in running disciplines.

The indicated requirements will be requested by the organization once the registration is formalized, failure to submit any of the requirements will result in the cancellation of the registration.

For the PROMO version, runners aged 16 and older will be able to participate with parental consent.


Registration fees must be paid during the registration process. Depending on the version and date of registration, they are established as follows:


  • From 01/21/2022 to 03/21/2022 – €65
  • From 03/22/2022 to 06/22/2022 – €75
  • From 06/23/2022 to 09/01/2022 – €95


  • From 01/21/2022 to 03/21/2022 – €45
  • From 03/22/2022 to 06/22/2022 – €55
  • From 06/23/2022 to 09/01/2022 – €75


  • From 01/21/2022 to 03/21/2022 – €35
  • From 03/22/2022 to 06/22/2022 – €45
  • From 06/23/2022 to 09/01/2022 – €55


  • From 01/21/2022 to 03/21/2022 – €20
  • From 03/22/2022 to 06/22/2022 – €35
  • From 06/23/2022 to 09/01/2022 – €40

IMPORTANT: If a runner wants to modify some data of their registration, they can do it in the RUNNERS’ AREA once their registration has been formalized.


The organization offers a Cancellation Insurance (see price when registering) thanks to which 100% of the registration fee will be refunded to all those runners who purchase it and have submitted a document proving the gravity and/or major cause of the withdrawal.

This refund will only be made up to 15 days before the start of the race. After this date, no registration fee will be refunded.

The refund of the registration fee after 7 days from the formalization of the registration will entail a management fee of 3% associated with the payment platform that will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, regardless of having the Cancellation Insurance.

All registrations for any version of the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON CARTAGENA will be made exclusively by Internet through the enabled website. Registrations will be direct and participants will be able to verify their registration in the section Verificar mi inscripción (Check my registration).

If the event has to be cancelled due to COVID19 reasons, a full refund of the registration fee will be offered (except for the administration fees paid during the registration process).


Those participants who do not have a sports insurance that covers accidents in the mountains are obliged to take out an insurance, the validity of which will be limited to the two days of the race and which will be provided by the Organization itself, with an extra cost for the participant.

For the ULTRA and MARATHON versions, an official medical certificate and a ECG report dated no more than 30 days before the start of the race will be required.

IMPORTANT: Participants who indicate in the registration form that they have a sports insurance managed by a federation or private company must first ensure that it includes the activity of mountain races and that the insured capital covers at least the minimum benefits indicated in the “Real Decreto 849/1993, de 4 de junio”, listed below:

  • Death due to accident: €6,000.
  • Permanent disability: €12,000.
  • Medical assistance: UNLIMITED (including transfer expenses by medicalized helicopter or by land).

The registration includes:

  • Right to participate in the chosen race.
  • Liquid and solid supplies during the race and finish line.
  • Assistance during the race provided by the health and safety staff.
  • Timing system and online tracking of the runner.
  • GPS tracking for Ultra and Marathon.
  • Transport service to the finish line of the participants who quit the race from the checkpoints that have a withdrawal control.
  • Transfer of the runners’ drop bags from the start to the finish line and life point in Ultra version (See conditions in the Regulations).
  • Runner’s bag with gifts from sponsors.
  • Exclusive finisher medal for all participants who finish the race within the established time.
  • Finisher clothing.


Each runner will be informed of the medical contraindications that may affect his/her participation in the race and, consequently, exempts the race Organization (including the medical and technical staff) from any responsibility for medical problems or injuries that may occur during the event.

All athletes are required to sign the disclaimer document in order to obtain the race bib. The signature implies the acceptance of the rules and the adequate preparation of the participant for the race, being aware of the geographical and meteorological conditions they may encounter in the environment where the event takes place.

The runners registered understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the event and, therefore, exempt the Organization of the race from all responsibility, and agree not to report the Organization, collaborators, sponsors and other participants, as well as not to initiate any civil liability claim against the aforementioned parties.

All registered participants must fill out and submit the “DISCLAIMER DOCUMENT” in order to participate in the event.


Participants have the right to cancel their registration and receive the corresponding refund according to the terms stated below.

All refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the request.

Once the cancellation is made, the place is at the Organization’s disposal, and will be assigned to the candidate who is first on the waiting list at that time.

All runners will be able to cancel their registration with the right to a 100% refund of their registration fee until January 31, 2022. After this date, the % will be as follows:

  • 75% from 01/31/2022 to 04/30/2022.
  • 50% from 05/01/2022 to 06/20/2022 to 06/20/2022
  • 0% from 06/25/2022 to 06/25/2022

Cancellation refund requests will only be accepted if sent before 06/25/2022, and 15 days before the celebration of the event if it is with Cancellation Insurance (in this case it will be 100% of the registration fee, see Art. 5), notifying by e-mail to:

The refund of the registration fee after 7 days from the formalization of the registration will entail a management fee of 3% associated with the payment platform that will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, regardless of having the Cancellation Insurance.

Art. 8 BIBS

Bib numbers can be picked up from Thursday, September 29th to Saturday, October 1st, depending on the race version, at the ExpoTrail that will take place at the Palacio de los Deportes de Cartagena. Outside the following hours no bibs will be delivered:

  • Thursday, September 29: from 12:00 to 20:00 at the ExpoTrail (ULTRA, RELAY, MARATHON, TRAIL and PROMO).
  • Friday, September 30: 10:00 to 20:00 at ExpoTrail (*ULTRA/RELAY version until 13:00) (ULTRA*, RELAY*, MARATHON, TRAIL and PROMO)
  • Saturday, October 1st: from 10:00 to 20:00 at the ExpoTrail (TRAIL and PROMO)

Participants must wear the bib throughout the whole race, always on the front of the body, fully visible and above the clothing.

Each bib is personal and non-transferable. Once the participant has been identified by ID or PASSPORT, the staff will put a single-use identification bracelet on their wrist, which must be worn throughout the race, as it will give them (along with the race bib) access to all services available to participants: start area, aid stations, transport for withdrawals, medical services, collection of race bag, etc.

Each participant will be assigned a bib number that will be determined randomly in all cases, except for the first numbers, that will be determined by the Organization. Bibs will have different colors depending on the race version.

Once the event is over, the race bibs and runners’ bags that have not been picked up at the established time will not be delivered to the participants’ home address under any circumstances.


  1. ID or Passport.
  2. Disclaimer document that can be downloaded from the website (it can be uploaded to the Runner’s Area or submitted on paper when collecting the race bib).
  3. Accident insurance card (private or federative) indicated during registration, except for runners who purchased the organization’s accident insurance during registration.
  4. Medical certificate, this example or similar, only for Ultra, Relay and Marathon versions).
  5. In the event that another person picks up the race bib, the following third party authorization must be submitted.


All runners of the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON, without exception, must make sure to bring the following equipment in order to be able to participate.

It will be checked by the Organization before the start of the race. There could also be random equipment checking at any point along the course. Not carrying any of these items will result in the immediate invalidation of the race bib.

The TRAIL distance will have a checkroom service for a single drop bag from the start to the finish line.


  • Suitable clothing for the chosen version
  • Water bladder(s) or bottle(s) of at least 1.5 liters
  • Backpack with a minimum load of 6l (or more)
  • 2000 kilocalories minimum
  • Windbreaker
  • Headlamp + spare battery (only for Ultra and Relay versions)
  • Emergency thermal blanket 160×160 minimum
  • Cell phone with full battery
  • Identify gels, bars, etc. with the bib number


The Organization will provide the runners of the ULTRA version with a drop bag, which will be delivered to the Organization with the required equipment 30 minutes before the start. The runner will have access to it again approximately at kilometer 55. Only the bags delivered by the Organization that are already identified with the race bib number will be accepted.

The drop bag must be identified and totally closed. Participants are not allowed to carry any accessory outside the bag itself, nor put any other mandatory item in it.

  • Change of clothes
  • Food selected by the runner
  • Any need that the athlete deems necessary


  • Suitable clothing
  • Water bladder(s) or bottle(s) of at least 1.5 liters
  • Emergency thermal blanket 160×160 minimum
  • Cell phone with full battery
  • Identify gels, bars, etc. with the bib number


  • Suitable clothing
  • Water bladder(s) or bottle(s) of at least 1.5 liters
  • Emergency thermal blanket 160×160 minimum
  • Cell phone with full battery
  • Identify gels, bars, etc. with the bib number


The kit for adverse weather may be required by the organization, depending on weather conditions:

  • Windbreaker (mandatory for ULTRA and MARATHON versions)
  • Hooded waterproof jacket that can withstand bad weather.


The race route will be signposted with marking tape and specific signage created for the race. The race route or road book will be published on the official website of the race. Any change or modification will be made public by the same means.

Each participant must follow the entire marked route, without skipping the signs, and passing through all checkpoints. In addition to the fixed checkpoints indicated, the Organization may place other checkpoints at any point along the route.

Each aid station will have food and drinks that will vary depending on the kilometer where it is located. Food and drinks must be consumed at the aid station itself in sufficient quantity to ensure enough energy reserves to reach the next one, except for water, which can also be charged in the water bladder or bottle carried by the runner.

The marquees and sports centers used as aid stations will be restricted exclusively to the runners and will not be accessible to the public or to the runners’ relatives.

Each participant is obliged to attend to the requests and questions of any staff member, doctor, nurse or person in charge of aid stations, whether at the stipulated checkpoints or at any other point along the route.

It is strictly forbidden to receive external assistance or supplies during the race outside the points provided by the Organization. Likewise, it is forbidden to run accompanied by other people who are not registered participants in the race.


Each ULTRA, RELAY and MARATHON runner will receive, when picking up the race bib, a customized drop bag to include the belongings that they deems necessary before starting the race. This bag will be transported from the start to the finish line.

It is not allowed to include any mandatory item in it.

These drop bags, provided by the Organization and duly identified with the runner’s bib label, must be delivered back to the Organization staff the day of the race before the start in the area provided for this purpose. Only the bags provided by the Organization when picking up the race bib will be accepted in the checkroom.

Very important: Runners who withdraw and want to pick up their bags must take into account that all bags will be available in the area set at the finish line until the closing time of the race.

The Organization will not attend to claims for loss or breakage of the items contained in the bags. It is therefore recommended that the belongings inside the bag are not fragile or valuable, and that the runner ensures that the bag cannot be opened during transport, reinforcing its closure, for example by means of cable ties.


Throughout the race there will be several medical and security teams that will be coordinated with 112 by the race management. These teams will be distributed among the different aid stations and the runner will be able to request their help or assistance in case of need.

Random or general medical checks may be carried out at certain points. Refusal to do a check-up or disrespect to the doctor or assistant will result in immediate disqualification.

The medical team may stop any participant who feels physically unable to continue the race or needs to receive vital medical attention.

The race management will never question the judgment or decisions made by the members of the medical team and will not be held responsible for any consequences that failure to comply with their orders may have on the runner who does not obey them.



All runners are obliged to help any other participant in need, to the best of their abilities and knowledge. If a participant fails to do so, he/she can be held liable for duty to rescue, as stipulated by law.

In the event that the runner or a companion is unable to reach a aid station on their own due to a medical or other emergency, the following instructions should be followed (also indicated on the back of the race bib):

  • If there is cell phone coverage: Call the phone number indicated on the back of the bib, describe the situation and follow the instructions given.
  • If there is no cell phone coverage: Call 112 and indicate
    • That you are participating in the VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON CARTAGENA.
    • Your approximate location.
    • Problem or medical emergency that you are suffering from.
    • Name and bib number (your own or the patient’s, in case of assistance).

Keep in mind that most of the route of the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON CARTAGENA passes through areas that can only be accessed on foot, which means that medical and/or rescue teams may take hours to come and pick you up. For this reason, it is necessary that:

  • ONLY IF POSSIBLE, move to a point where there’s cell phone coverage ALWAYS WITHIN THE MARKED COURSE, in order to be in permanent and direct contact with Race Management.
  • Keep in mind that once help is requested, a series of means will be mobilized based on the information provided, and therefore it’s very important that it is as accurate as possible.
  • You can never leave the marked path, as this would hinder your search.
  • When planning the equipment, you get ready for situations of very slow pace and even long waits in adverse weather conditions.
  • We must warn of any change that occurs from the time of the call to the emergency team.


Withdrawals must be made at the checkpoints. If due to an accident or injury the runner is immobilized and cannot reach a checkpoint, he/she will activate the rescue operation by contacting the organization by telephone through the emergency number.

Once at the aid station, the runner will communicate their desire to abandon the race to the person in charge of the aid station so that they can cancel their bib and identify them as withdrawn, the runner will have to wait at the aid station until it closes to be transported to the finish line or be picked up by an alternative means.

In case the runner chooses to return by their own means, they must also inform the person in charge of the aid station of their withdrawal, otherwise the Organization will consider them as lost and will activate the rescue alarm.


When you are at a aid station, you should measure your strength very well and, above all, how much time you have left to reach the next drop-off point with transport. You should not venture to continue if you are not convinced that you can reach the next point.


In case of bad weather conditions or force majeure, the Organization reserves the right to suspend, neutralize or modify the time schedules and/or the course of the race. In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure and more than 7 days before the start date, a partial refund of the registration fee will be made according to the date of the cancellation and, therefore, of the expenses already incurred.

During the week prior to the race and based on weather forecasts at the time, the Organization may begin to warn about possible changes that may occur in the route. The final decision will be announced no later than Thursday, September 29th.

In the event that during the day of the race the forecasts are worse than previously foreseen and are considered to endanger the runners (thunderstorm, lack of visibility, etc.), the start may be delayed or the race may be stopped/neutralized/diverted, if it is already underway. If conditions do not improve after a few hours, the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON CARTAGENA will be definitively suspended.


The race referees along the route, as well as any member of the Organization, will ensure the application of the Rules and are empowered to immediately apply the following penalties or disqualifications:

 Penalty +5 minutes

  • Leaving the marked route, even if it does not entails an important shortcut.

Time penalty and disqualification at the second warning

  • Leaving the marked course taking an important shortcut (+30 min).
  • Being accompanied by a person not registered in the race (+30 min).
  • Receiving individual assistance from outside the aid stations (+15 min).

 Warning and disqualification at the second warning

  • Not wearing the bib number on the front of the clothing and in a visible place.

 Direct disqualification

  • Littering during the race route.
  • Failure to pass a checkpoint.
  • Refusal to undergo a medical or equipment check.
  • Failure to complete the entire course on foot through the route marked by the organization.
  • Spending more time than the established by the organization to complete the entire course, as well as exceeding the maximum time limits established for each section.

 Disqualification and prohibition to participate in future editions

  • Failure to assist a person in difficulty (injury, severe exhaustion, hypothermia, etc).
  • Removing or changing the marks set by the Organization.
  • Use of a means of transport.
  • Giving the race bib to another runner.
  • Dropping out of the race without notifying the Organization.


The categories established for the four versions are the following:

  • OVERALL MALE/FEMALE: 21 (ULTRA), 18 (MARATHON, TRAIL), 16 (PROMO) years and older, turned before the celebration of the race.


  • 21-23 (ULTRA), 18-23 (MARATHON, TRAIL), 16-23 (PROMO) (“Promises”)
  • 24-39 (“Adults”)
  • 40-50 (“Veterans”)
  • +51 (“Masters”)
  • Clubs/Teams

Trophies will be awarded to the first three ranked in each category, both male and female. To qualify for a trophy, at least five athletes must participate in each category. If this requirement is not met, a trophy will only be awarded to the first of the ranking in the category.

A trophy will be awarded to the first club/team ranked. For this purpose, the times of the 3 best runners of each club will be added, in case of a tie between several clubs the times of the first 4 will be added, and so on until the tie is broken.

The absence at the awards ceremony will be understood as a waiver of the trophies or prizes won. Any delegation to another person for the collection of trophies and awards must be known and authorized by the Organization at least 3 hours before the delivery.

All finisher participants of ULTRA, MARATHON, TRAIL and PROMO versions will receive a finisher’s medal if they get to the finish line within the time established by the Organization.


ULTRA Version – Overall Male/Female

First            €900 *Bib VolcanoUltraMarathon Series event
Second       €600
Third          €300


Any participant of JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON who wants to make a claim to the race Organization must submit a deposit of €50 which will only be returned in the event that the claim is favorable to the claimant.

Each claim will be studied and resolved by the competition jury, which will be integrated by:

  • A judge
  • The race director
  • The timekeeper (if necessary)

The jury is responsible for dealing with possible claims arising from the development of the competition during the day of the race. This will be convened at the time that a complaint occurs. No appeal may be lodged against the decision of the competition jury.


The acceptance of these regulations implies that the participant authorizes VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, and CLUB KUMUKA TRAIL to take photographs and film his/her participation in any of the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON events, and gives his/her consent for the dissemination and commercial exploitation of all images taken during the JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON, in which he/she is clearly identifiable, with no right to receive any economic compensation.

VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, and CLUB KUMUKA TRAIL reserve exclusive rights over the image of the above-mentioned events, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and commercial exploitation of the competition. Any media or advertising project must first have the express written consent of the Organization. Otherwise, any legal action deemed appropriate will be taken.


In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform participants that their personal data will become part of a file called “Participants Sports Events”, owned by VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, SL, in order to manage the organization, implementation and promotion of sporting events, the publication of the rankings, as well as the safety of its participants. The recipient of these data is the entity itself. The participant is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided and has the right to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data within the scope recognized by Law 15/99 of 13 December. To do so, you must write to VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, SL, email address