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The “Team Godaille” will make visible the association “A Chacun are Everest!” In the Volcano Ultramarathon 2019

“A Chacun is Everest!” Is a French association that helps people who have overcome a cancer to recover their strength and self-esteem

Little by little the participants of the first edition of the Volcano Ultramarathon get to know each other. Among them we would like to highlight the “Team Godaille”, a French team that participates with its four members with the aim of giving visibility to the work carried out by the association, also French, “A Chacun are Everest!”.

This French organization works on a daily basis to help children and women, who have been able to overcome cancer, so that they resume their daily routine little by little with total normality.

The name of the association comes from the similarity between the great difficulty between ascending a summit and the path to healing. Between their actions, each year they organize in Chamonix approximately 14 weeks of workshops with children and also with women.

In these workshops, the team of professionals of the association helps the attendees to recover their confidence and to see the disease as an Everest, which with perseverance and training can be crowned. For this they carry out sports activities (hiking, climbing, adventure, etc.), but also yoga, meditation, among other activities. All of them in order to help overcome their fears and regain self-esteem to re-fill their lives with new energy.

From the Organization of the Volcano Ultramarathon we are proud that our event also serves to give visibility to this type of necessary associations. So, for all “Team Godaille!

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