Race program

Day February 3

  • Free arrival in Ica, Peru.
  • Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima).
  • No food provided by the organization.
  • Night in hotel.

Day February 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel (lunch and dinner not included).
  • Transfer to Camp 0.
  • Equipment checking.
  • Packages and bib delivery.
  • Night in camp.

Day February 5

Stage 1 – Self-sufficiency format starts

Day February 10

  • Stage 6.
  • Ceremony (dinner included).
  • Night at hotel.


Day February 11

  • Breakfast included at the hotel.
  • Lima Airport transfer managed at the hotel reception hall.

VOLCANO EXTREME RACES reserves the right to modify:
The regulations, race format, place, date and initial destination in the event of force majeure (weather, cataclysm, armed conflict, invasion of any kind, hail, blockade, pandemic, epidemic, etc.) or for reasons beyond its control.