A New Adventure in Peru 2023

Del 3 al 12 de febrero de 2023

Nazca Desert and Ica

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Peru - February 2023

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Peru 2023

February 3-12, 2023

The coastal desert of Peru. Nazca Desert and Ica Dunes, the first considered one of the driest and most arid areas on the planet, maintains an average temperature of 25 degrees. 260km of sand and sun through the areas of Laguna de Huacachina, San Fernando Reserve, Nazca Lines Reserve.

Race on foot, multistage and free of rhythm, 250km, 7 days, 6 stages. A unique format where sand and dunes will be the main characteristic of this new race in the VOLCANO SERIES format.


Total price: 2500 €

€ 650 for registration reservation

Payment Methods:

  • Single payment: € 1665 (10% discount)
  • Split payment: 4 payments of € 462.5


  • Day 3 – ARRIVAL presentation at Hotel
  • Day 4 – Material Review – Transfer CAMP 0
  • Day 5 – STAGE 1
  • Day 6 – STAGE 2
  • Day 7 – STAGE 3
  • Day 8 – STAGE 4
  • Day 9 – STAGE 5
  • Day 10 – STAGE 6
  • Day 11 – Transfer Hotel / Ceremony
  • Day 12 – AIRPORT Transfer* Lima reference airport.

Nazca desert

The beginning of Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Peru will take place in the Nazca desert, one of the driest on the planet, and which was home to the Nazca culture, which between 200 BC and 600 AD created a set of gigantic geoglyphs, only visible from a certain height, which form animal, human and geometric figures.

Huacachina oasis

The end of this incredible test will end Huacachina, which is nestled in an oasis in the desert. This small town is located west of the city of Ica, located in the southwest of Peru. In the center of town is the Huacachina lagoon, surrounded by palm trees and with green waters that are believed to have therapeutic properties. A spectacular enclave where to put the finishing touch to Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Peru.


250km, 7 días, 6 etapas y 9.448 m/d+

Stage 1

Distance 16.5 km Cactus Camp

Stage 2

Distance 47.10 km Colibri Camp

Stage 3

Distance 53.8 km Espiral Camp

Stage 4

Distance 48.6 km Alcatraz Camp

Stage 5

Distance 46.5 km Araña Camp

Stage 6

Distance 20.1 km Condor Camp

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