Our partners

Lyophilized & Co is a specialist in food and equipment for running events in self-sufficiency and semi-self-sufficiency formats.

You can find in its online store Europe’s largest selection of freeze-dried meals, sterilized, sports nutrition (energy bars and gels, cured meats…), for fans of hiking, marathon, travel, ultratrail, bushcraft and other outdoor sports. With a catalog of more than 2,000 references shipped and delivered all over the world, suitable for any activity, for professionals and individuals.

Lyophilized & Co has created customizable kits for your adventures: ultramarathon, self-sufficiency races, GR20 hiking, sailing… Its large catalog meets the needs of athletes for moderate to intense physical activity. We have designed a VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON KIT that complies with race regulations to be self-sufficient. They are customizable to suit your preferences and/or diet (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan…).

The Lio team will be happy to accompany and advise you in your adventure.

Promo code available for runners registered in any Jimbee Volcano Series event.