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LOBXS project in Volcano UltraMarathon

LOBXS is a project that is dedicated to promoting, inspiring and making visible the feminine action of women from all over the world, through outdoor sports. But LOBXS is not a place only for women, but in “wolves” there are also “Wolves”: many. Men who support our cause, listen to it and join in to help us generate more visibility. Men who trust a coach, who bet on running in mixed couples, who admire our way of thinking and who are willing to share with us.

In this project we not only make visible, but we also work training people who want to achieve these powerful goals and also, we travel together to them and they to places as fascinating as Volcano Ultramarathon. There, we will travel in droves 230km of this year’s edition, and our howl will be heard even on the other side of the world. We are sure that in Costa Rica we will find the perfect moon to make our dreams come true.

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From the organization of Volcano UltraMarathon we have opted for a career that is not only a challenge for anyone who decides to participate, but also a way to make visible our active commitment to encourage the participation of women in this type of discipline. Therefore, it is important to give greater support and visibility to projects that are in line with our work philosophy. For this new edition of 2020, we will have a high participation of women who will face the hardness of Volcano, but above all they will demonstrate the equality that must be something normal in our society.

In this discipline there is no inequality, a career in self-sufficiency puts everyone in their place and only the strongest demonstrate what they are made of. That is why the organization is working to give greater visibility to women in this edition, encouraging greater participation for the future and giving voice to new projects.

We are left with these positive messages from the LOBXS team:

«If you are afraid, do it with fear, but do it.
Your freedom begins where your prejudices end. »- Verónica Vallejo

«I chose to live. And because I made that choice, I’m not afraid. I have chosen to make it count. »- Maigualida Ojeda

«” Only those who risk going too far can find how far they can go “- Eu Gil

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