Mountain Race JIMBEE VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON called special stage organized by VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON sports event organized by VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, LIMITED COMPANY, incorporated in accordance with Spanish legislation.

JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON, consists of a special stage, open to athletes in general in the Marathon version that will be held on April 2, April 2022, in the area of ​​La Solania de Tilaran (Costa Rica), a route announced by the organization in its means of dissemination and this same regulation available to all interested parties, stage being of an individual nature.


Keeping the Spirit of Adventure of the main test JIMBEE VOLCANO ULTRAMARATHON, JIMBEE VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON will be carried out in SEMI-SELF-SUFFICIENCY, so the runners must carry the necessary and mandatory material to carry out the race.

The design of the route consists of a Linear Circuit of:

  • DATE: Saturday, April 2
  • LOCATION (10 ° 22’25 “N 84 ° 59’27” W): La Solania de Tilaran – Communal Square
  • START and FINISH at the same location.

In this route, runners over 18 years of age may compete, up to a maximum of 200 runners. The entire route will be marked with bright-colored plastic tape marking, being mandatory to pass through the established controls. There will be kilometer references in some controls. Possible changes to the circuit will be notified prior to the day of the race.



  • 46.25km
  • 542m elevation gain +
  • 528m elevation gain –
  • 3 CP assistance points


Registrations will be managed and processed through the company AVAIBOOK, dependent on VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, SOCIEDAD LIMITADA, and must respect and comply with the rules indicated.

The registration opening date will be:

  • December 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM, Costa Rica Time

VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON registration prices established are as follows;


  • Bib / $ 80
  • Premium / $ 150


  • Only Senior Category (over 18 years old) Male and Female.


At the end of the Race, the trophies corresponding to the FIRST THREE classified in the described categories of the VOLCANO test will be proclaimed and delivered.


  • Finisher medal for all finalists
  • Official t-shirt


Thursday March 21

  • 17:00 / 18: 00- Afternoon Schedule- Delivery of Numbers VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON.
  • (It is necessary to present personal identification for the withdrawal of the number)
  • 18: 30- Technical Talk VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON.

Saturday APRIL 2


  • La Solania de Tilaran – Communal Square
  • 6: 00 / 6:10 – VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON / VOLCANO runners reception


  • 17:00 – Delivery of trophies VOLCANO TRAILMARATHON
  • 18:00 – Closing of the finish line


As this is a SEMI-SELF-SUFFICIENCY race, all participants are obliged to carry specific and MANDATORY material throughout the race, which will be reviewed by the Organization. In addition, each runner will be responsible for carrying the timing chip or system throughout the event.

  • Water container / s or drum / s of 1 liter minimum.
  • Minimum 600 kilocalories
  • Windbreaker.
  • Front light
  • Survival Thermal Blanket 160 * 160 minimum
  • Mobile phone with charged battery.
  • Identify gels, bars, etc. with the bib number.


  • The completion of the registration is recognition in accordance with these Regulations. To remove the number it will be necessary to present a personal identification document.
  • The collection of numbers will be personalized, not being able to collect the number, not even with authorization, another person other than the registered runner.
  • The transfers and / or cancellations of registrations will be authorized only by the Organizer as established in the regulations of the event.
  • WILL NOT PROCEED THE RETURN of the registration fee in case of NO participation, whatever the reason.
  • In the last month before the competition, no number changes may be made under any justification.
  • The garment size requested for the “RUNNER BAG” cannot be modified once the registration is closed. The requested size is guaranteed as long as the registration is made before March 1, 2022, after this date the organization does not guarantee that the requested size and customization can be delivered.
  • The deadlines, fees and additional management expenses (if any) will be assumed by the broker from the moment there is an economic relationship between the parties (payment made).
  • Participants will follow the instructions given by the organization, having the possibility of disqualifying anyone who does not comply with them.
  • If the Organization is forced, these Regulations may be modified. The organization reserves the right to make the modifications it deems necessary depending on the different conditions, as well as the suspension of the test if the weather conditions force it or force majeure. The modifications will be duly communicated to the participants.
  • It is not allowed to carry out any of these tests with footwear that leaves the foot uncovered (sandals type), and must have a patterned sole and upper part with fixing elements that keep the shoe firmly attached to the foot and that protect it entirely down to the ankle. .
  • Participants in these tests, at the time of registration, agree to know that this is a risky activity that can cause injuries.
  • Acceptance of these regulations implies that the participant authorizes the organization to record total or partial his participation in it and gives his consent so that he can use his image for the promotion and dissemination of the event.

DISQUALIFICATION. The following will be grounds for disqualification:

  • Not carrying the MANDATORY material designated by the Organization, as well as leaving the marked route, not providing assistance or assistance.
  • Do not make the entire tour on foot through the place marked by the Organization.
    Failure to go through the exit control and control on the route.
  • Investing more than TEN HOURS (10 h) in making the TOTAL route, once this time is exceeded, the organization will evacuate the runners even on the way to the finish line.
  • There will be THREE Checkpoints, marked and visible. Likewise, the person in charge of each control or the race director in any part of the route will have the power to withdraw any runner from the test if his time in the race, or his health status advises it. The rider who withdraws must notify the nearest control.
  • Do not wear the number on the front of the shirt and in a clearly visible place.
  • Dirt or degrade the itinerary and the mountain in general. Failure to comply with this point implies immediate disqualification and the withdrawal of the number.
  • Do not provide assistance to any participant who suffers an accident, and must report it to the nearest control.
  • The accompaniment or escort of a runner by a person outside this competition will be grounds for disqualification. Runners can only be assisted at the points indicated above.
  • For safety and civil liability reasons, the use of numbers by people other than the officially registered race holder may incur serious consequences. For this reason, in the event of detecting the use of a number by someone other than the owner of it, both the use of that number and the owner of this number, will not be able to participate in the test for two years.
  • The participant exonerates the organization from all responsibility in case of accident or injury.