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From July 1 to 10, 2022



4  installment payments

1 hotel night
Professional photos on social networks
GPS SPOT device
Race tracking
Finisher medal
Water provisioning
Medical staff
Unique itinerary
Final celebration

FLIGHTS not included



Single payment

10% discount

1 hotel night
Professional photos on social networks
GPS SPOT device
Race tracking
Finisher medal
Water provisioning
Medical staff
Unique itinerary
Final celebration

FLIGHTS not included


Flights not included. Ask the organization about our international flight offers. (The unjustified delay in the payment dates would entail a penalty with an increase of €100. If the delay in the date exceeds 15 days, the registration will be cancelled with no right to a refund).



Before registering you should check all the information about the rates and payment terms, as well as what is and is not included.

It is also important that you check the cancellation policy.

Access the registration form through the chosen payment option.

First you must sign up on the platform to create your user profile, so you can always access your profile to complete or modify your data. There you can also make installment payments.

Attention: All payments must be made by CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER.

You will find three payment options:

  • Full payment
  • Installment payments
  • Transfer payment

Choose an option and you will access the form.


Single payment rate:

  • INTERNATIONAL runners: €2250* (10% discount)

Installment payments rate:


  • Payment 1 – €625
  • Payment 2 – €625
  • Payment 3 – €625
  • Payment 4 – €625

Icelanders rate: Check


  • 1 hotel night* with breakfast included
  • Limited edition t-shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • GPS tracking
  • Photographic coverage made by a professional team
  • Baggage transfer and luggage storage during the race
  • Checkpoints with medical and support staff throughout our marked course
  • Water during and after the race (hot water in the base camps)
  • Water and celebration while crossing the finish line
  • Specialized support team
  • Experienced medical staff
  • Final party


  • Flights
  • Hotel beyond the dates set for the race
  • Any food and drink other than water provided during the camps or at the checkpoints
  • Any extra night at the hotel

Cancellation policy

  • Voluntary cancellations made 4 months before the event start date will incur a cost of €200.
  • Voluntary cancellations made before 90 days before the start date will incur expenses of 50% of the amount paid so far for registration.

In no case after these deadlines will the registration fee be refunded, having the option of postponing participation for another of the VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS events provided that the established obligations are fulfilled.


How to organize my trip to Iceland? Whether you want to travel for free or on one of the most popular organized trips to Iceland on the market, from the Arctic Yeti agency you can travel and hire packages parallel to the test. To travel to Iceland, the reference airport is Reykjavik-Keflavík International Airport.

About the currency in Iceland. What do they use? Do I have to change money? Iceland uses the Icelandic Krona (ISK) whose equivalence is: 1 EUR = 122,610 ISK | 1 ISK = 0.00816 EUR. In Iceland you can pay almost everything by credit card, even a ChupaChups. Although you cannot pay in euros, you can change there and get Icelandic kronor. We recommend traveling with credit and debit cards, and a cash of around 100-200 euros per person, which in most cases will not be changed.

Are the roads safe in Iceland? In many pages and forums we can read that driving in Iceland is not safe, but the reality is that Iceland is a country with good infrastructure. What is true is that the landscapes are so overwhelming that they mislead the driver in many cases. For those who make an itinerary around the road 1 (Ring Road), driving will be simple in almost all sections, finding only some areas where the road is gravel, but simple driving. Special attention during the summer months to the sheep that roam freely in the country, it is very common to find them in the middle of the road. The changes of grade are, without a doubt, one of the places where we should pay more attention.

Can I travel with my ID? Yes, you can travel only with the Spanish ID, but it must be valid for a minimum of three months, although we recommend that you also carry your passport. Other nationalities, check: https://www.utl.is/index.php/en/who-does-not-need-a-visa

If I have to go to the doctor in Iceland, how do I do it? Are vaccinations necessary? We recommend applying for the European Health Card.

No vaccinations are necessary to visit Iceland.

Can I use my phone in Iceland? Yes. In Iceland they use the same GSM system as in the rest of Europe. Check if your phone company has roaming on the island.

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