Pure Adventure in Iceland

From June 30 to July 8, 2023

New format

Live your own adventure of 250 km, 6 days, 6 stages in a semi-self-sufficiency format. Just focus on running and living the experience, and leave the rest to us.

We provide you with food before and after each stage.
We free you from the load of your equipment during the stages.

Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland 2023

“Cross lava and moss fields, black sand beaches and feel the pure and imposing nature of Iceland. With an average temperature of 10º, runners will discover the "midnight sun", which makes for days with 20-22 hours of daylight. Iceland's picturesque south coast is one of the most popular regions for visitors to the country. Not surprisingly, it is home to some of the island's best-loved natural attractions, which runners will be able to experience on a unique and exclusive itinerary.”

Andrés LledóTechnical Director

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  • Location: Iceland
  • Terrain: Mountain, glacier and black sand deserts
  • Price: €1800
  • Payments: Single payment or installments
  • Distance: 230 km
  • Stages: 6
  • Base Camp: Hekla
  • Finish: Þakgil
  • Temperatures: 5 °C / 10ºC

The race

A route of 250 km over 6 stages and 7 days where the most impressive areas of southern Iceland will be explored in a new semi-self-sufficiency format.

Although the temperatures may seem pleasant, the feeling of cold will follow the runners, especially in the early hours of the morning where daylight will be total. Due to the dates of the race, the daylight hours will be long, reaching 20-22 hours, so runners should make sure to rest well for the next stages.

The organization will be in charge of setting up the tents perfectly adapted to these conditions.

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Video Jimbee Volcano Iceland

Human of Volcano

A different look at the protagonists of Volcano

Human of Volcano – Lexuri Crespo

Lexuri Crespo, runner of the last edition of Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland

Human of Volcano – Marcin

Marcin, runner of the last edition of Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland

Human of Volcano – Rachel

Rachel, American runner of the last edition of Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland

Chapter 1 – Réttir

The big roundup. An event that takes place in the countryside and, as unusual as it sounds, involves sheep and romance.

Chapter 2 – Fire

There is nothing better than sitting in front of a fire to share stories and experiences.

Chapter 3 – Camp

The camp, that place where you can rest and live with the rest of the participants.

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Jimbee Volcano

UltraMarathon Iceland 2023

From June 30 to July 8, 2023






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