Unique experiences in Volcano Iceland

VolcanoUltraMarathon ICELAND will take you to live a unique sporting experience, but also for your senses:

  • 24h light (midnight sun)
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle
  • A unique climate
  • Cold Bag

Iceland experiences

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The phenomenon of the midnight sun. This is basically that the sun doesn’t really get down. This does not mean that at midnight there is a fair sun, no. There is simply a dim light like the one we see on a normal sunset. Averages about 20-22 hours of sun.

An awful lot of light!

The sun “rises” around 3:00 and “sets” around 23:55. Midnight sun is the phenomenon that occurs when sunlight is visible 24 hours a day. This phenomenon occurs coinciding with the summer solstice, and during that time the days seem endless.

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The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line that delimits as far as the Arctic reaches, the point at which it is not nighttime on the summer solstice and it is not daytime on the winter solstice.
Although the bulk of Iceland is not in the arctic circle, but a tiny part of its territory is located above that 66.5 ° north parallel, Volcano UltraMarathon ICELAND will live this experience at the end of stage 3, in the lands of Hekla volcano , VUM Iceland athletes will have this imaginary line closer than ever.

Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony at Volcano UltraMarathon ICELAND

Crossing the magical Arctic Circle has been considered a great achievement for decades. … The ceremony takes place in a traditional Kota hut where the participants sit around the fire, and enjoy a juice made from berries from Lapland

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The climate changes from one moment to the next (it’s crazy). The locals themselves recommend that tourists come out dressed in several layers of clothing to prevent. Anywhere in Iceland it is quite common to go from a pleasant temperature (10 to 12 degrees C) to almost below freezing in a matter of minutes. That is why Volcano UltraMarathon ICELAND will supply you with its Cold Bag to be able to carry those extra clothes and prevent you from trembling to the soul.

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You will live a new adventure in the Nordic lands, something that is already cold just thinking, 250km of pure adventure without assistance, but Volcano UltraMarathon ICELAND thinks of its athletes, each runner will receive from the organization a 40L expedition bag of personalized capacity VolcanoUltraMarathon Iceland.

“This bag will be carried by the STAFF organization team and delivered at the end of each stage to each runner”

This bag will be delivered to each runner at its reception on the day of arrival, it will have to be ready for review on the day of delivery of the bibs and technical talk, once verified it will be carried by the organization until its first delivery.