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Looking for a new challenge? How about running one of the most extreme adventures on the planet? Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Series gives you the opportunity to experience the multi-stage race in Iceland, and you can get your free bib by winning the following photo contest!


What are the requirements to participate? ?

When and how can I send the photo? ?

In the mail you must indicate the following:


In the body:

Name and surname
Instagram username
Race of the photo

For example:

Juan Gonzalez
Marathon Des Sables

All emails not sent with this subject and information will not enter the contest.

What will be the contest process? ?

  1. All the photos you send us will enter the contest (1 photo maximum per runner), which will be entirely run on the Instagram account of @volcanoultramarathon.
  2. There will be a first phase of elimination rounds. We will create random single-elimination rounds in Stories, through which @volcanoultramarathon followers will choose which photo goes to the next round.
  3. Once the elimination rounds are over, we will reach the final with a maximum of 10 photos.

What will the final be like? ?

A winner will be established based on:

Best photo by popular vote: The photo that receives the most votes in the publication of the final will win a bib for the Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland 2022.

When will the voting take place? ?

  • Thursday, March 24: elimination rounds.
  • Friday, March 25: final.

*It may vary depending on the photos we receive.

What would the perfect photo look like? ?

  • Good quality photo that shows what an UltraTrail race is like.


We can’t wait to see your photo!



*The prize is the race bib. Flights and race insurance will be at the runner’s expenses.

*If the winner is not in good physical condition to face this challenge, he/she can exchange his/her prize for being part of the Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland 2022 volunteers team, thus living the experience of 10 days in Iceland.

*By submitting the photo with the required data, you agree that it will be added to the Volcano Extreme Sports databases to send you communications related to the Jimbee Volcano UltraMarathon events.