Special 10k inside the National Park of Cahuita with departure in Puerto Vargas and arrival at the town of Cahuita. A unique and special route where riders can run in the middle of nature and at the edge of the sea. For this we have created a stage in which we minimize our impact to 100%. We teach you how.


Special care to minimise our impact on the wildlife


Gels or food marked with the bib number


You must not leave the route

FAQs Runners

It is a non-competitive stage that forms part of the Volcano Ultra Marathon. It has been named ECOSTAGE because of the area in which it takes place, and its environmental importance. 20 runners invited by the organisation will be able to run the 9+ kilometres that make up the route. All of the participants must fulfil certain requirements laid out by the organisation to minimise the impact on the area.

This first ECOSTAGE is part of the PROMO Edition of Volcano Ultra Marathon, which is closed to runners and is only offered to 20 people who will receive invitations.

A route of 9.3 kilometres from Puerto Vargas to the town of Cahuita, passing through the National Park, between beach, trail and jungle.

  • 1 litre of water minimum: during the route you will not have back-up water, it is only available at the start and finish line.
  • All gels and foods must be marked before the race begins (without exception).
  • During the race, it is prohibited to leave the marked route, and runners must respect the plants and wildlife at all times.
  • Reception of the runners: 14:30 Pueblo de Cahuita (control)
    – Cabins Palmer Makanda
    – Supply area
    – Dorsal delivery


  • Transfer to Puerto Vargas: 15:00
    – Bus for runners


  • Departure time: 15:30 (Puerto Vargas)
    Last corridor arrival time: 17:00

Food and drink will be available at the start and finish line.

The stage will be timed solely in order to draw up a list of times per runner. It is not a competitive stage, so there is no podium for winners.

All participants will receive a runner’s bag with:

  • A Volcano Ultra Marathon Edition Mobel technical T-shirt
  • A Volcano Ultra Marathon Edition Mobel sweat pad