Given the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s the possibility of postponing, canceling or modifying the race if the health conditions require it, always following the indications of the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Region of Murcia. In this case, the decision of postponement, cancellation or modification of the race, including protocols of action and indications on participation, will be communicated to all participants through the usual means (social networks and email) with the details of the same, and as soon as possible. In any case, the COVID-19 preventive protocol will be applied as necessary, and among the measures to be applied these could be some:


a) All starts of all modalities shall have sufficient space to be able to maintain the social distances established in the protocols.

b) Staggered starts will be established following the instructions of the competent bodies, with the aim of avoiding crowds.

c) The use of masks may be required at the start and finish line, as well as wearing a mask at any time during the race.

d) Events parallel to the competition, such as prize-giving, may be suspended.

*Other measures may be taken and communicated accordingly.



a) It will be mandatory for all runners (and people involved in the event) to have a mask and wear it correctly. It must be carried throughout the development of the event and worn speacially at certain points, as during the transport of runners, start and finish line and, in general, where determined by the organization, which in turn will ensure sufficient points equipped with hydroalcoholic gel.

b) The organization will instruct all volunteers in the correct use of the protection elements, and will ensure that they have adequate knowledge of the sanitary safety measures to be applied.

c) Hydroalcoholic gel will be available in all areas (start, aid stations, finish line, vehicles, etc.).



a) Each aid station area will be delimited and enclosed. Only runners and accredited personnel will have access to it. At specific times of crowding, runners in this area may be required to wear a mask while refilling. It will be marked 100 meters before with a sign: “Aid station at 100 meters”. Close to the AID STATIONS and in the appropriate radius to avoid crowds, athletes may receive external assistance.

b) Water tanks will be used for the liquid content (avoiding individual bottles). These will clearly indicate the type of drink they contain and their number should be appropriate to the number of participants to avoid crowds.

c) The organization will sanitize, during the course of the runners’ passage, the liquid tanks, especially in the opening and closing area. The time spent in this area will be the minimum necessary.

d) The pace of access of runners will be controlled, respecting the distances both in the direct access area and in the perimeter.

e) Waste containers will be available.


Athletes will be recommended to maintain a safe distance throughout the course. And whoever overtakes another runner should do so with sufficient solvency to avoid crowds. As for the distances between competitors, it is recommended:

  • Uphill: 5 meters
  • Downhill: 10 meters
  • Plain: 10 meters

At the same time, runners must not spit or blow their noses without a minimum distance from another person. Physical contact with other people should be avoided. No equipment of any kind shall be shared. The passage of faster runners will be favored; for this, the runner who wants to overtake, if it is a wide area, will do it laterally and warning, asking to pass 5 meters in advance. Both runners must favor the passing move, being attentive to this situation. The runner who passes must perform this move with speed and solvency as mentioned above.

In areas of difficult passage, technical trails, the runner shall also be warned 5 meters in advance. The runner who is going to be passed must favor it, move far enough away, slow down, and if necessary, stop and stand with his back to the runner passing. In very narrow trails, the position should be maintained until reaching an area where overtaking is possible. The distance with the runner who wants to pass must be 2.5 meters.