Volcano gets stronger in the face of adversity

Sometimes we think that luck is not with us. However, we learn that this kind of sensation is just for preparing successful future challenges.

In this days during the race, we have a complicated weather, a tropical storm did more difficult campings and race with hard rainy days so, the government announced yellow emergency and we took decisions in last minute. The spirit of Volcano´s team is strong.
Each and every runner is an example of respect and friendship. A fullfill of extra energy we have in this organization. Nobody give up! Runners and our crew!

Thank you so much for your support, from the runners, friends, runners families and the rest of the persons who follow us through our social media. Weather, coverage, and geography are part of this challenge.

Tomorrow, the sixth stage and the last one, Volcano Extreme Races must be and will forever be synonyms of family, and of course, safety. So, our essence is take care of everybody and live a wonderful experience in this unforgettable last stage.

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