Information runners



The VolcanoUltraMarathon CostaRica camps are set up and suitable for the best rest of the runner, within each of them you will find the following services.

  • Camp area
  • Central dining tent
  • Water points
  • Waste points
  • Electricity
  • Baths / Showers
  • Hot water

At the entrance to the camps you will find a STAFF tent for the services of the runner and point to inform the corridor of any need, this tent will be attended by STAFF staff.

All camps will be located in the same way, as far as possible in the form of an inverted U, so if your tent is on the right the first day it will be the rest of the days.

The runners will have access to electric service in all camps except for RIO CHIQUITO (Camp 2)

  • SCHEDULE: from the installation of the goal until 9pm.
  • Location: STAFF CARP.

WC bathrooms

All camps have their own bathrooms, except Rio Chiquito and Finca Tres Equis

  • 4 laptops will be installed in each location.

Cleanliness, civic use, is part of all


Access to showers is limited, the location of showers in camp and use for runners, is as follows:

  • La Solania / SI
  • San Miguel (Limited to deposit charge) / SI
  • Rio Chiquito / NO (option of swimming in the lake)
  • Rancho Margot / SI
  • Finca Oasis / SI
  • Tres Equis / Limitada (river bath option)

The runners will have access to hot water in all camps, the water will be distributed on demand by the runner. “Rational use and thinking of the people who serve the water.”

  • In the morning access to hot water will be two hours before departure.
  • Once in goal the water will be available until bedtime, approx 18h
  • It is necessary to carry an aluminum bag, container or similar to load hot water

It is strictly forbidden to carry out FIRE in camp other than those marked by organization.

The medical team has autonomous management, they are framed in CP and camp teams, three types of assistance work:

  • Before race
  • During the race
  • After race

The runners will have access to the medical equipment at any time, an assistance tent will be installed in the camps, BUT REMEMBER that the doctors have everything working. Try to give them a break.

  • It is totally forbidden to leave the enclosures marked as camp, unless authorized.
  • The passage to the camp and living area of corridors of external personnel to the event is totally prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to receive assistance of any kind in camp or career path.