Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland

From June 25 to July 5, 2021

The event

It crosses fields of lava and moss, black sand beaches and feeling its pure and imposing nature of Iceland. With an average temperature of 10º, the runners will discover the “midnight sun”, which means that the days come to have between 20-22h of light.

The picturesque southern coast of Iceland is one of the most popular regions among those visiting the country. Not surprisingly, it houses some of the most appreciated natural attractions of the island and that runners will be able to meet on a unique and exclusive itinerary.


Although temperatures may seem pleasant, the feeling of cold will accompany the runners, especially the first hours of the morning where daylight will be total. Due to the test dates, the daylight hours will be long, reaching 20/22 hours, so runners should make sure they rest well in the face of the new stages.

The organization will be responsible for the assembly of tents in small groups and perfectly equipped for these conditions. As it is a self-sufficiency test, each runner must take care of the necessary material for the conditions of this test.

Mileage: 250km
Stages: 6 stages
Days: 7 days
Multi-stage without assistance
average mileage 40km.
1 special mileage stage between 60 and 80km.

South Iceland, South Iceland Region
* Starting point and return Reykjavík.
– Arrival Friday June 25
– Departure Monday, July 5

From June 25 to July 5, 2021

  • Arrival of runners: day 25
  • Review / transfer camp 1: day 26
  • Stage 1: day 27
  • Stage 2: day 28
  • Stage 3: day 29
  • Stage 4: day 30
  • Stage 5: day 1
  • Stage 6: day 2 and 3
  • Transportation / Ceremony: day 4
  • Departure: day 5

Price: € 2500

Payment methods: Full * or fractional

* Full payment will have advantages

What includes?
  • A unique tour

    You will discover the beauty of Iceland at its best.

  • Two hotel nights

    Two hotel nights in a shared room.

  • Transfer from airport and hotel

    Transfer from airport and hotel both at the arrival and at the end of the event.

  • Finisher T-shirt

    Unique and limited edition t-shirt for the finisher of Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland.

  • Finisher Medal

    Commemorative and unique medal for all Volcano UltraMarathon Iceland finisher.

  • Photographic material

    Photographs during the race that may be free to use once published on social networks.

  • Luggage transport and luggage storage

    Luggage transport and luggage storage during the race that will be delivered to the runners at the end of the test.

  • Water during and after the race

    Water during and after the race (hot water in base camps). Each corridor will have a certain number of liters of water both at the exit, control points and goal. The organization will also make available hot water for the preparation of food in camp.

  • Experienced medical staff

    Experienced medical team to follow the runners.

  • Final party

    Final party, ceremony and awards ceremony.

Discover Iceland


From June 25 to July 5, 2021