While our events are open to anyone, we recommend that you will have successfully completed at least one standard marathon in the two years prior to registering for the event. This is to ensure that you enjoy the race and have the best opportunity to compete in the race.

Our event is an extremely hard race; with the right combination of training and physical and mental aptitude, there is no reason why you won’t be able to succeed at your goal. In fact, each of our clients will have their own personal goal to achieve, whether it’s to finish, or perhaps finish in a certain time, or finish among the top ten, or even win. In fact, some of our competitors choose a fast walk, when their physical condition, energy or the terrain allows.

The safety and enjoyment of our competitors is our priority, and safety is a priority at all times. Our event has the full support of an experienced medical and safety team. Our medical team is available from the moment you come under our care, to ensure that you are in a fit condition to participate, maintain your health during the event and help with the difficult decision to retire from the race if necessary. Our event has been fully assessed by the personnel who will direct your steps.

Our Ultra Marathons include the following:

  • Transfer from the base camp
  • Transfer of equipment
  • Shared accommodation: tents or hotels (where applicable)
  • Water during the race (available from the first day at the base camp)
  • Food after crossing the finish line
  • Experienced race director
  • Support equipment
  • Medical personnel
  • Local multilingual support personnel
  • Full digital photos of the whole race

Our Ultra Marathons not include the following:

  • Vaccinations (more information provided in your welcome pack)
  • Travel insurance / evacuation insurance (essential)
  • Visas / local taxes (where applicable)
  • Personal costs (drinks / souvenirs, etc.)
  • Any personal equipment
  • Food for the race and energy supplements
  • Food before the race
  • Extra nights’ accommodation
  • Flights

You can book a place in our races up to 2 weeks before the race, however, due to the remote location of the event and the limited number of competitors that can participate, we recommend you book as early as possible, to guarantee you will be able to take part.

Yes, you will receive a full list of the kit in your welcome pack. If you have any questions about the kit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, although we do not manage flights ourselves, we can advise you on your journey and transfers. For more information, contact us.

Yes, all of the routes are clearly marked and have checkpoints. Competitors will receive a print-out of information about these routes at the beginning of the race, which contains the relevant maps.

Yes, to protect the safety of the competitors, it is necessary to have cut-off points to avoid having to compete in dangerous conditions. Each stage allows a generous amount of time to complete the distance.